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2008 LSX 529C 

Available for Sale:


  • Suction tape feeder with air suction side guide

  • Skeleton transfer cylinders with air guides

  • PQC-S Console with plate cocking

  • KMS IV Komori Monitor System

  • Komorimatic Dampening

  • Chrome plated cylinders

  • Water Chilled Vibrators


  • AMR Automatic Make Ready for sheet size and thickness

  • AICC Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning

  • F-APC Fully -Automatic Plate Changing

  • AIRC Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner

  • ABW Automatic Blanket Washers


  • Baldwin single zone chill unit

  • Harris & Bruno Anilox Coater

  • Weko AP262 powder spray

  • Tresu Royse refrigeration

  • Pierry 2CXHA IR dryer

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