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  • A high-speed, high-quality one-pass two-sided printing press that offers great stability and short makeready time.

  • Labor-saving automated systems such as the KHS-AI(Advanced Interface) and benderless Full-APC are standard equipment.

  • The configuration of the one-pass two-sided printing press, which does not use a perfecting mechanism, contributes to the efficient use of paper because the margins on the top, bottom, left, and right that are required for a perfector are unnecessary. Also, mode switchover and air adjustments are unnecessary, allowing for shorter changeover time.

  • Equipped with the newly developed Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System (A-APC*) for significantly shorter makeready times. Furthermore, the Lithrone GX40RP is also equipped with the H-UV drying system, which enables fast print drying and short turnarounds. A wide range of other options is also available.

  • The energy-conserving and space-saving design, along with reduced heat emissions, benefits the environment.

This is the 40-inch H-UV equipped Lithrone GX40RP dedicated double sided offset printing press. Designed to deliver high quality, short turnaround, high speed, stability and reduced waste in double sided printing. A new system features single-edge griping and eliminates sheet reversal. Single-edge gripping makes the margin on the tail edge of the sheets - an unavoidable structural requirement of perfectors - completely unnecesarry, enabling paper costs to be cut. Eliminating sheet reversal ensures stable sheet transport that is capable of handling either light or heavy stock through the use of four double sized transfer cylinders.

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