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2014 Komori GL540C

Available for Sale:
  • PDC-SX closed loop printing density control with spectrophotometer and

  • interface with Pre-inking 

  • H-UV (1 lamp EOP)

  • KHS-AI Advanced Interface pre-inking system 

  • Komorimatic II Dampening with Delta effect

  • Ink oscillation roller phase remote control

  • Advanced cylinder cocking remote control

  • Anti-fan out regulation remote control

  • Water cooled oscillating inking rollers

  • KMS-IV Komori Management System 

  • Ultrasonic double sheet detector

  • PQC-S off-press control console

  • Non-stop feeder and delivery

  • Vacuum feed board

  • Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners AICC

  • Fully Automatic Plate Change FAPC

  • Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner AIRC

  • Automatic Blanket Washers ABW

  • AIR PRESET upgrade via KHS-AI (all adjustments made at console)

  • Sheet jogger expansion/contraction laterally and top/bottom axis

  • Positioning, Delivery Side Jogger Preset and Side Guide Preset

  • Feeder Pile Sideways Control with pit-less skid loader

  • Oscillating Timing Remote Control

  • Sheet Size including Side-Guide

  • Sucker Height Remote Control

  • Feeder Side Blower Preset

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